Abs Buttlifting Unisex EMS Buttock Trainer Slimming Massager

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Use scenarios: work, exercise, weight loss, leisure

Muscle Stimulator is the type.

Appropriate for the Audience:

Size: Multi Size SML

AAA battery (not included) is used to power the device.

R-235, R-236, R-237, and O10 are the model numbers.

Material: composite material

Item Type: Massage and Relaxation

How to use: less than 30 minutes every day

:Pain Relief

Function 1: Body Shaping

Feature 2: Abdominal Trainer

Feature 3: EMS Hip Muscle Stimulator

Feature 4: Belly Massager

Feature 5: Abdominal Muscle Trainer

Feature 6: EMS Muscle Stimulation

Feature 7 Muscle stimulator massager is the third feature.

Feature 8 hip massager

Feature 89 Abdominal massager

Scraping, massage, acupuncture, tapping, and a combination of these are auto programs.

Application: Body