Electric Protein Shaker Bottle Automatic Self-Stirring Coffee Cup (380ML )

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It can stir all kinds of granules, like coffee, tea, formula, fruit juice, protein powder, meal replacement powder, and various nutritional powders, etc. You never need to worry about not having a stirring spoon or having trouble making coffee, tea, or other drinks.

This self-stirring mixing cup will help you make them in a minute. It can be used as a drink cup or travel tumbler.

It is welcomed by students, travelers, and office workers. thanks to its compact and leak-proof design. It’s convenient to carry. Children can easily hold it in their hands.

This protein shaker bottle is powered by an AAA battery. Simply align the battery cover with the hole and turn the cover counterclockwise to remove it.

To facilitate cleaning, the motor and lid of the cup are designed as a single unit.

IP5-grade waterproof button, one-button operation, stirs and drinks at any time, saves time, and is simple to use.

This electric blender bottle has a good seal, doesn't smell, won't leak, and is strong. It won't leak even if you shake it upside down.


Material: Tritan+pp

Modern and uncomplicated

Capacity: 380 milliliters

Two AAA batteries supply power.

One (1) automatic stirring smart shaker bottle is included in the package.