Custom-Made All-Metal Outdoor Hunting Slingshot Catapult for Fishing

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  • Fast and Accurate. Premium metal and fine manufacturing make this traditional Y-slingshot durable. Handle finger grooves give a firm grip. Ergonomic slingshots strike targets swiftly and precisely.
    Assistance. The support arm stabilizes fishing and hunting. Wrist braces protect and standardize operational gestures. It prevents line tangles, making fishing simpler. Two magnet tabs on the leather hand guard hold steel balls (not supplied) for convenience.
    Fishing Reel. This professional wrist rocket slingshot has an easy-to-use fishing reel, a base to attach it, and stainless steel fishing darts to save throwing time and boost catch rates. Fish dart releaser simplifies bow fishing. None.

    Rubber Band. The elastic tube gives the slingshot power and is durable for outdoor usage. Three single-strand and one three-strand rubber bands are easily replaceable. Fishing, rabbit hunting, target shooting contests, and other hobbies are suitable.

    Package contents: Professional slingshot 1 reel. Reel base. Clip. Three slingshot bands. One 3-strand rubber tube. Wristband. 3x fishing arrows. Fish dart launcher. Fish dart bag (holds 35 fishing arrows). Screw key. 1x handguard (We have two types suitable for left-hander or right-hander).