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How to use?

1. for the back: First use the concave surface from top to bottom, each time in the same direction. Then use the convex surface to scrape the spine.

2. For the abdomen: Take the navel as the center, massage from top to bottom, the intensity is uniform, no need to use too much force, the red hair is fine. In general, constipation can be improved in 3 days to a week.

3. for the legs: From the knee, down, only in the same direction each time (if there is varicose veins or edema in the lower limbs, you need to go from the bottom up to improve circulation blood)

4. For the shoulder and neck: From top to bottom, the frequency of action should be slow and consistent, not too fast, the force should not be too heavy. The gentle movement can help the flow of lymph, relieve the lack of blood supply to the head, shoulder and neck, etc. Each location lasts 3-5 minutes.


1. Material: 100% Natural Wood

2. Suit for body parts: neck, shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, arms, elbows, legs, knees, full body and other sore or aching areas.

3. Occasion: beauty salon, home use

4. Effect: improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism and Promote lymphatic detoxification, anti cellulite, muscle relaxation, body muscle tension relief, muscle pain relief, body sculpting

5. Please store the product in a dry place, avoid exposure to the sun and high temperature.