Natural Catnip Wall Stick-on Ball Toy Treats

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Practical Design: The cat toy uses closed base design, anti-odor and dust-proof equipped with strong adhesive, good stickiness, and not easy to fall off when your kitten licks and plays, and allow you to be closer to your pet.

Keep Cats Healthy and Happy: This catnip balls for cats wall can make the fluff adhere to the digestive help to relieve cats malaise and depression, improve appetite, digestion and excretion of hairballs, and achieve gastrointestinal health.

Clean The Mouth: Catnip cat balls can effectively remove plaque and tartar, freshen breath, protect oral health and regulate the mood, and allow you to be closer to your cat, nice and useful gifts for your lovely cats or friends who have cats.

Precautions: Based on our constant experimentation, not all cats are interested in catnip balls, if your cat is not interested in our products, please contact us and we will give you a full refund immediately. We will continue to test and improve catnip balls to give cats the most enjoyable experience.