Portable Pet Water Bottle Food Feeder Drinker 4 in 1 Poop Dispenser

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If you're tired of carrying multiple water bottles and bowls for your furry friend - then our dog bottle is just for you!

🐶 Convenient all-in-one design: water bottle, bowl, and storage compartment

💦 Keeps your dog hydrated on the go

💪 Durable and easy to clean materials

🌲 Eco-friendly alternative to disposable bowls

🐕 Perfect for outdoor adventures with your furry friend



Healthy alternative to public water bowls

Nothing worries a dog owner more than wondering whether your puppy or dog should drink from a public bowl but we want to keep our furry friends well hydrated, especially in the hot climate

BPA-free plastic

This water bottle is safe for your pet to use and easy to clean. It also has a convenient carrying strap, making it easy to transport. With its compact and lightweight design, this water bottle is perfect for long walks, hikes, or trips to the park.

Leak Proof

You want to know when you carry your pet water bottle for walking, hiking or camping, that it won't leak. This dog travel accessory has a silicon leak proof seal and a lock button to prevent any spills

One handed operation

Pet dog water bottle is designed to be easily used with just one hand. Use one thumb to dispense the water with one button, feed your dog, retract the remaining water and lock the bottle. All this whilst letting you keep a hold of your dog's leash with your other hand